Cole Compton is a young entrepreneur starting his terrarium business as a freshman in high school. His passion for bringing the joy of gardening to any backyard or house are displayed beautifully in his visually stunning, low maintenance terrariums.

At a very early age Cole began to research urban farming, including raising poultry , and organic farming. With a strong interest in bringing his passions for all to enjoy, Cole took important steps to find an educational setting that was best suited for his learning style while being introduced to community outreach, community partnerships, knowledge of business and volunteering through his teacher and mentor, Bohdan Nedilsky, Director at New Horizons Charter School.

Cole is a student at New Horizons Charter school located in Shorewood High School. He is part of an incredible school that is reaching urban areas that may not otherwise be able to experience the benefits of gardens.

Cole is employed by We Grow Greens, a non-profit with a vision to help teens transition into leaders through life experiences. He is also employed at Weber’s Green house where he is fortunate to have discovered mentorship and partnership with the owner of the green house.

Cole was recently featured in a radio broadcast on WUWM public radio for his involvement in showcasing his terrariums at a Sustainability Summit. In the interview, Cole took the risk to speak openly about his learning disability. Cole wanted to give hope to others that struggle with reading and writing. “Everyday can be a challenge when you learn differently. I try to approach each struggle as an opportunity to learn from it. When you have dyslexia, you have to work extra hard and find your strengths”, says Cole.

A portion of terrarium sale proceeds will go to the International Dyslexia Association and to the non-profit We Grow Greens.


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